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TorusZero puts you in control of your information no matter what you do

From sharing personal documents with your friends and family to sending sensitive information to the office the TorusZero platform can secure it all with the latest in Quantum Safe Encryption.

Coming this Summer the TorusZero application platform will be a portable set of office applications, file management, and minimal feature browser, with full communications and identity management coming soon after, all using the latest in Quantum Safe Encryption 

The basic TorusZero application is FREE for personal use and contains ZERO advertising and has ZERO user data collection. 


Quantum Safe Encryption

The TorusZero platform is upgrading to the latest Quantum safe algorithms to protect against the coming Quantum Computing attacks on your data.

Learn more here


Metaverse Cyber Security Community

Torus is building the Metaverse Cyber Security Community Hub. With spaces to live, work, play, learn, and network in this first of it's kind community hub coming in the second half of 2022

Learn more here

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TorusZero App

Coming this Summer

The TorusZero app for Windows is available with standard or Quantum Safe encryption, is fully portable, and with the basic version free for home and personal use 

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